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Elizabeth Timberger AwardHannah Feuerstein
Nina Mooney Award Maddie Greco
Nonie Knopp Award Colby Baldwin
Geiger Scholar Athlete Honor Society AwardIsabelle Goldban, Charlie Hirschhorn, Frederick Kushnick, Alexandra Simon
Scarsdale Raider Award Riley Iasiello, Mykaela Madoff, Henry Rifkin 
Peppers Award Natalie Hu and Nico Galeano

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Award Descriptions


The Nina Mooney Award is presented to a senior female athlete who displays commitment, enthusiasm, spirit, concern for others and a positive work ethic; the nominees are not always the stand out athletes and the award does not have an academic requirement. The recipient will receive an honorarium and a commemorative plaque and her name will be placed on a plaque that will be displayed permanently at the High School.

To understand the soul of this award, you probably need to know a little about Nina Mooney, who passed away in 1991 at the age of 54 after a courageous fight against breast cancer. Her eulogist beautifully explained Nina’s qualities that underlie this award. He said, “Nina lived a boisterously happy existence with her husband, five non-stop children, her 80 year old father and a wild dog named Ace in a perpetually open house on Bradley Road…she was a teacher in New York City who generously volunteered beyond the call of suburban duty…she was deliberately fun and irrepressibly feisty, especially with faulty referees….she seemed to have perfected the art of human kindness….she did not just organize Maroon and White events, she was loved while doing it….and if you knew her, you were part of her family.”


Each year, Maroon and White presents the Elizabeth Timberger Memorial Award to honor an outstanding member of the Scarsdale athletic community. Prior to her untimely death, Elizabeth served on the Board of Maroon and White for many years. She was as an officer, a committee chairperson, and a committee member. She was unfailingly friendly, supportive, and cooperative. Even though she was not an athlete herself, Elizabeth was an avid fan of all sports. She was, most emphatically, an enthusiastic sideline rooter at a wide variety of the athletic contests in which Scarsdale High School’s young men and women participated. She was committed to her husband, Bob, and their sons, Richard, David, and Matthew. All three boys were varsity athletics at the High School and Elizabeth delighted in watching them play.

Maroon and White honors Elizabeth Timberger’s special qualities by presenting an award each year to a senior who helps a team or the wider athletic program, not as a player, but through some other form of participation (for example, as a manager, statistician, audio-visual assistant, play-by-play person, mascot or sports writer). 

The recipient will receive an honorarium and a commemorative plaque. His or her name will also be placed on a plaque on display at the High School.


Many years ago, Maroon and White established the Nonie Knopp Memorial Award to honor Nonie, an outstanding member of the Scarsdale community. Nonie lived in Scarsdale for almost twenty years. Nonie was an avid sports fan and, along with her husband Al, she cheered their four athletic sons from the sidelines of many interscholastic events, rain or shine, year in and year out. Nonie was a constant presence at the boys’ games, where she showed unwavering support for their teams. Throughout her life, Nonie possessed a positive attitude and fighting spirit greatly admired by all who were lucky enough to have known her. Prior to her untimely death, Nonie worked as a volunteer for many community organizations. She was especially devoted to Maroon and White, where she served for more than ten years as vice-president, chairperson of the Annual Holiday Basketball Tournament, and member of several committees.

Maroon and White each year recognizes Nonie’s special qualities by presenting an award each year to a male senior varsity player who in the estimation of his coaches best exemplifies the following attributes: Dedication, commitment, spirit, enthusiasm, concern for others and positive work ethic. The awardee does not have to be the most outstanding athlete on his team but adds something special.

The recipient will receive an honorarium and a commemorative plaque and his name will be placed on a plaque that will be displayed permanently at the High School.


Since coming to Scarsdale in 1983, Sue and Jerry Peppers and their daughters, Amy, Erica, Christina, and Michele, have been actively involved in our community. Sue is the recently retired assistant principal of Scarsdale High School but remains closely tied to our schools, working on special projects for the District. She is still most easily reached on her Scarsdale Schools email address. Jerry has been a coach and a board member of travel soccer; and the four Peppers daughters were true scholar-athletes at Scarsdale High School. Sue and Jerry were leaders of Maroon and White for over ten years. Combining high standards for academics, sports, and team play, have always been an important part of the Peppers Family.

The Peppers have established a leadership and spirit award for one female and one male senior athlete, who have distinguished themselves through their dedication and hard work in games and practice, through their unselfish adherence to sportsmanship and team play, and through their active encouragement of all team members. The recipients of this award shall also have achieved at least a 3.5 grade point average measured by their last grades available at the time the selection is made.

Each recipient will receive an honorarium and a commemorative plaque. Each athlete’s name will also be placed on a plaque that will be displayed permanently at the High School.


The Scarsdale High School Athlete Honor Society Award was started in Scarsdale High School in honor of Grant Geiger (1969) and is selected by the members of the Athletic Department. It is presented to a top male and female student who have excelled in the following categories:

1. Dedication to their sport

2. Competitive spirit

3. Performance on and off the field of play

4. Leadership on and off the field of play

5. Performance in the classroom, with a GPA of 3.5 or higher and accomplished SAT or ACT scores

6. Positive Attitude

7. Citizenship

8. Sportsmanship

The award is accompanied by an honorarium contributed by Maroon and White.


This is the third year of this award – this award is in recognition of the intangible characteristics that we among the faculty all hope interscholastic athletics will develop. A Scarsdale Raider will possess the attitude, work ethic, resilience, and leadership qualities to change the outcome of a game, culture of their team, or quality of a season by their presence. A Scarsdale Raider is a student‐athlete that any coach would desire on their team and whose positive contribution to the greater athletic program can be felt through their own athletic contributions as well as the contributions of others whom they have influenced.

The award is accompanied by an honorarium contributed by Maroon and White.

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